About Us

About Company

See Fly Ticket group AB with the registration number Org.nr: 559048-9943 under the name of Habib Travel brand with more than years of experience in air travel and tourism services around the world, especially in the Middle East region, offers its services to customers. The company was founded in 2012 in Malm., Sweden, and just two years later, with the company growing and expanding customer service and trust, another branch opened in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our Mission

Understanding the customer's needs and giving importance to it, providing quality services in the field of selling flights of various airlines and having special rates for airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirati, Qatar Airways, etc., and holding tours and presenting Visa services, as well as familiarizing employees and managers of the company with cultural needs and fluency in English, Persian, Arabic, Swedish and Danish, are a set of features that few companies have all of them together.

Why Us?

Commitment to the customer, providing quality and appropriate services, and hospitality, and gaining the customer's deep trust is our main goal. The way we look at the customer is different from other companies. We try to provide quality and appropriate services to the customer. The friendly and friendly behavior of the management and employees of the company is proof of this way of thinking and dealing.

Why are we the Cheapest?

Our high sales on the busiest destinations of reputable airlines such as Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways have enabled us to have the best flight rates to most parts of the world with the highest quality flights with the best rates You offer.

Travel Secure with us

After issuing the ticket, our commitment to you will not end, but we will be with you until the end of your trip, and in case of any problems, you can count on our help. Our 24-hour support 7 days a week can reassure you that whenever you receive services from us, we are by your side until the end of the road.

IATA (International Air Transportation) 

Habib Company is an official International Air Transport Association member, also known as IATA. IATA is a cross-border organization of 260 airlines established in April 1945 in Havana, Cuba. IATA currently accounts for 83% of global air traffic. IATA is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Online Payment

According to the banking contracts that Habib Company has signed with reputable banks, dear customers can easily and with very high security make their payments with MasterCard and Visa credit cards.